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Mr Hasan Mohammad

MRCS (Eng), MRes (Dist), DPhil (Oxon)

Hasan studied at the University of Oxford and is a clinical academic in Orthopaedic Surgery on the Percival Pott Rotation. He is passionate about driving forwards the field of Orthopaedics whilst simultaneously aiming for operative excellence.  

After completing the Academic Foundation Programme and run through core training (ST1-ST2) in Orthopaedics, Hasan was awarded a prestigious National Institute for Health Care Research Academic Clinical Fellowship on the Pott Rotation. His areas of interest include biomechanics, implant engineering and clinical studies to help optimise patient outcomes following surgery. Hasan has been awarded various academic distinctions, funding and scholarships for his work. 

In his spare time Hasan enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures across the world. 

Mr Hasan Mohammad: About
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